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Tripoli Mosque - Jamih Al-Mansuri Al-Kabir
Citadel of Tripoli - As It Appeared on Year 1750.  
Tripoli Churches  

Lebanon - Tripoli Tourism


Tripoli Attraction

Tripoli has not been extensively excavated because the ancient site lies buried beneath the modern city of Al-Mina. However, a few accidental finds are now in museums.

Excavations in Al-Mina revealed part of the ancient southern port quay and a necropolis from the end of the Hellenistic period. A sounding made in the Crusader castle uncover Late Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Byzantine and Fatimid remains.

Below are the main sites a tourist could visit in Tripoli:


  Interactive Map of Tripoli    
  Tips for Tripoli Visitors    
  The Citadel    
  St. John Church    
  The Great Mosque    
  The Taynal Mosque    
  Al-Muallaq Mosque    
  Burtasiyat Madrassa Mosque    
  Al Qartawiyat Madrassa    
  Madrassa Al Tuwashiyat    
  Khan Qash    
  Hamman Ezzedine    
  Hamman El Abed    
  Hamman Al Jadid    
  Hamman Al Nuri    
  Khan Al Khayyatin    
  Khan Al Missriyin    
  Khan Al Sabun    
  Souk Al Haraj    
  Lion's Tower    
  Tripoli Marina    
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