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Tripoli Mosque - Jamih Al-Mansuri Al-Kabir
Citadel of Tripoli - As It Appeared on Year 1750.  
Tripoli Churches  

Tripoli - Khan Al Missriyin


Tripoli - Khan Al Missriyin

  The Egyptian Khan (al-Misriyin), so called probably because it was built by Egyptian Mamluks, is a conventional arcade two story khan around an open courtyard with a fountain pool in the center.


Khan Al Misriyin

The khan is mentioned in an inscription, an extract of the foundation act of Saif ed-Din Aqturaq, the Chamberlain dated 1359, found in the al-Saqraqiya madrasah of Tripoli.

The Khân Al-Misriyyîn (Caravansary of theEgyptians) was probably built in the first half of the 14th century. The traditional arcaded two-story khan has an open courtyard with a fountain in the center.


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