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Tripoli Mosque - Jamih Al-Mansuri Al-Kabir
Citadel of Tripoli - As It Appeared on Year 1750.  
Tripoli Churches  

Tripoli - The Great Mosque


Tripoli - The Great Mosque



Begun in 1294 and completed in 1315, the Great Mosque was built on the ruined 12th century Crusader cathedral of St. Mary of the Tower.


The Great Mosque

Its large courtyard is surrounded by porticos and a domed and vaulted prayer hall. Inside, one can still see elements of Western architecture from the old church, including the northern entrance and the Lombard style bell tower which was transformed into the minaret.

The many foundation plaques and decrees inscribed in the great Mosque and its surrounding madrassas not only inform us about the building but reveal details of the daily life of the Mamluke period.





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