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Tripoli Mosque - Jamih Al-Mansuri Al-Kabir
Citadel of Tripoli - As It Appeared on Year 1750.  
Tripoli Churches  

Tips For Tripoli Visitors


The Lebanese language is an Arabic language, but it has its own flavor.

Below are some useful phrases that a visitor and a tourist would be interested in knowing when visiting Lebanon and Tripoli.  

Lebanese Useful Phrases

  Welcome Ahlan wa sahlan  
  Welcome back Hamdila al salameh  
  Hello Marhaba  
  How are you Kifak (for men)  
    Kifik (for women)  
  Good morning Sabah el kheir  
  Goodbye Maa al salameh  
  Please Min fadlak (for men)  
    Min fadlik (for women)  
  Thank you Shoukran  
  You're welcome Tikram (for men)  
    Tikrami (for women)  
  Excuse me Afwan  
  I love you Ba hibak (for men)  
    Ba hibik (for women)  
  Darling Habibi (for men)  
    Habibati (for women)  
  Leave me alone Hil 'anni (for men)  
    Hili 'anni (for women)  
  Take me to ... Khoudni ala ...  
  How much Adesh baddak  
  Where is the ... Wain al ...  
  I don't want Ma badee  
  I don't know Ma baaref  
  Airport Matar  
  Car Sayara  
  Restaurant Mata'am  
  Bathroom Hammam  
  Left Shmal  
  Right Yamin  
  Behind Wara  
  In front Uddam  
  Water May  
  Orange juice Aseer bord'ane  
  Bill Hisab, Fatoura  
  Fork Shawkeh  
  Knife Sikineh  
  Spoon Mala'ah  
  White wine Nbeed abiad  
  Red wine Nbeed ahmar  
  Beer Beera  
  Starters Mezza  
  Meat Lahmeh  
  Chicken Djaj  
  Fish Samak  
  Dessert Helou  
  Fruit Fouekeh  
  Cheese Jibneh  
  Coffee Ahoueh  
  Tea Shay  
  Nuts Fustok  
Days of the Week   
  Monday Tanain  
  Tuesday Talata  
  Wednesday Arbi'a  
  Thursday Khameess  
  Friday Jumaa  
  Saturday Sabet  
  Sunday Ahad  
  One Wahad  
  Two Etnein  
  Three Talateh  
  Four Arba'a  
  Five Khamseh  
  Six Siteh  
  Seven Sabaa  
  Eight Tamania  
  Nine Tisaa  
  Ten Ashraa  



Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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